A Man Like None Other Chapter 3748

A Man Like None Other Chapter 3748-Jared stepped forward without hesitation. After paying, he held the arm bone in his hands.

The moment the bone was taken into hand, it unexpectedly emitted a beam of white light, immediately followed by a faint death energy permeating the surroundings!

This is my skeleton. Fortunately, these folks don’t know the value of what they’re looking at. My skeleton, how could it be compared to those ordinary immortals?

Vermilion Demon Lord cried out in excitement.

Upon seeing the arm bone undergoing slight transformations in Jared’s possession, the other cultivators were left with their eyes wide open, clearly displaying a sense of regret.

Feeling the gaze of everyone around him, Jared hurriedly stashed the bone he held into his storage ring.

Brat, find out where my remains were discovered. You must gather all of them for me. Once I am reincarnated, I will ensure your ascension to the celestial realm, where I will continue to protect you.

Vermilion Demon Lord exclaimed in excitement.

Even if Vermilion Demon Lord had remained silent, Jared would have found a way to inquire.

If he could actually facilitate the reincarnation of Vermilion Demon Lord, Jared would then have a powerful ally.

Wouldn’t he be invincible in the human and celestial realms then? By then, whether it was Demon Seal Alliance or Inferno Devil, Jared was certain he would be able to crush them all.

“All right, let’s move on to the auction of the next item!” Wilson spoke loudly, then instructed the staff to start bringing out the items!

“Wait a moment, Mr. Wilson.” Jared asked, “Could you tell me where you got this bone from?” Wilson glanced at Jared, then shook his head. “I’m sorry. We’re only responsible for selling items. As for where and how they came about, we can’t disclose that!” Jared looked at Wilson, understanding what was on his mind, and promptly tossed out three purple spirit coins.

“Now, will you be able to disclose the information?” Jared asked impassively.

Upon seeing Jared casually dropping three million spirit coins, Wilson instantly broke into a broad grin.

“Of course. This arm bone was found in Snow River Valley by someone, and we later purchased it that person.” After Wilson finished speaking, he delightfully stowed away the purple spirit coins.

“Snow River Valley?” After Jared sat down, he turned his gaze toward Alastair!

Alastair understood Jared’s intentions and immediately shook his head. “Even though Snow River Valley isn’t far, it’s very dangerous. I dare not go!” Jared remained silent, tossing two purple spirit coins into Alastair’s hand.

Alastair chuckled, immediately shifting the conversation. “I can’t let you go to dangerous places alone. After all, aren’t we two quite fated to be together?” “My friend, you’ve been deceived. Snow River Valley is not far from here, nor is it a dangerous place. Many cultivators often visit there for leisure.” Not far from Jared, a cultivator saw that Jared was being deceived. He quickly spoke up to warn him. With a frosty look in his eyes, Alastair sternly said, “Shut up. It’s none of your business…” “Don’t listen to his nonsense. The depths of Snow River Valley are still very dangerous.” Alastair was worried that if Jared heard that Snow River Valley was not far and not dangerous, he would want his money back.

Upon realizing that Jared was not being petty, Alastair instantly breathed a sigh of relief.

After Wilson finished speaking, he surprisingly pulled out a hand fan from his hand.

Immediately after, the hand fan was opened, and instantly, there was light continuously swirling on it.

“What is this? A glowing fan, and is this considered a treasure?” “What material is this fan made of? It seems like it’s made of paper?” “The fan shimmered with a flowing light. It certainly isn’t ordinary!” Numerous cultivators engaged in heated discussions.

Since nobody could perceive with their spiritual sense, they could only rely on visual observations.

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