A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 2438

Chapter 2,438 Ning Zhi Strikes

“Don’t worry, I will definitely come back and rescue you…”

Chen Ping gently stroked Su Yuqi’s face, and then turned around and planned to leave!

But just as Chen Ping turned around, suddenly a light flickered, and Ning Zhi’s figure instantly appeared in front of Chen Ping!

When Chen Ping saw Ning Zhi, the whole person was stunned!

“Ning Zhi? You’re not dead?

Chen Ping looked at Ning Zhi incredulously, the aura on Ning Zhi’s body at this time had earth-shaking changes, and the broken arm did not know when it had already grown!

“Chen Ping, I have not revenged, how can I die, if I want to die, it is you who died in front of me…”

Ning Zhi said with a proud face!

At this time, Ning Zhi already had no Chen Ping in his eyes, and in his opinion, Chen Ping was not qualified to fight with him!

“I have confidence, I don’t know if your confidence comes from the yin qi in your body?”

Chen Ping smiled lightly!

In his opinion, Ning Zhi was sending resources to himself, and the Yin Qi of this body would definitely make his Dao Pattern power more filling!

“Less nonsense, I’ll let you know where my confidence comes from in a while…”

After Ning Zhi finished speaking, his face became gloomy, and the breath on his body began to rise slowly!

At this moment, several more rays of light flashed, and six purple-robed messengers appeared.

Looking at the six purple-robed messengers, Chen Ping’s brows furrowed directly, he didn’t expect that six purple-robed messengers would come at once!

If it was just one or two purple-robed messengers, Chen Ping would not be afraid!

But six purple-robed messengers came all of a sudden, which made Chen Ping very passive!

Seeing this, Su Yuqi and Xiao Ru hurriedly put on a fight, no matter what, it was impossible for them to watch Chen Ping in distress!

“Ning Zhi, do you know that this defeated subordinate is not my opponent, so you specially called a helper, intending to bully more and less?”

Chen Ping said to Ning Zhi with a mocking look!

Ning Zhi looked at Chen Ping’s mocking look, and then at the six purple-robed messengers, and his heart was already angry.

“In the future, when I make a move, none of the six of you are allowed to do it, do you hear that?”

Ning Zhi said in a commanding tone to the six purple-robed messengers!

At this time, Ning Zhi’s heart swelled to the extreme, and he didn’t even put the purple-robed messenger in his eyes, because he knew that as a Yan Demon Body, he would have to honor him for three points!

The six purple-robed messengers listened to Ning Zhi’s words, and one by one they were immediately angry, but they also knew the importance of this Ning Zhi in the Aura Revival Array, so they could only swallow their anger, and no one spoke!

Seeing that the six purple-robed messengers all dared to be angry with themselves, Ning Zhi’s whole person was almost floating!

“Chen Ping, today I want you to know how powerful I am…”

After Ning Zhi finished speaking, his figure flashed, his body was covered with black qi, and he walked towards Chen Ping in the blink of an eye!

A pitch-black claw poked out, and the icy and piercing yin qi instantly turned into a sharp blade and directly grabbed towards Chen Ping’s chest!

Ning Zhi gave up the position of Chen Ping’s heart because he couldn’t kill Chen Ping!

Ning Zhi’s speed was extremely fast, and Chen Ping didn’t seem to have time to react, and Ning Zhi was already in front of him!

“Fall for me…”

Ning Zhili drank!

This claw contained Ning Zhi’s endless humiliation and hatred, and he suffered inhuman torture for this day!

The cold wind was fierce, and Ning Zhi’s eyes had a thick blood-red color!

“Just this little skill, you want to hurt me too? It’s just out of my own way…”

Chen Ping looked at Ning Zhi, the corners of his mouth slightly raised, and his face was full of disdain!

Just when Ning Zhi’s claw reached Chen Ping’s chest, Chen Ping’s body suddenly burst into a dazzling golden light!

Not bad golden body activated, Chen Ping’s whole body was covered with golden scales!


In the exclamation of Su Yuqi and several people, Ning Zhi grabbed Chen Ping’s chest with one claw!

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