A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 2186

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 2186

is not your home

Chen Ping nodded and said with a slight smile: “Yes, she is indeed a martial artist.”

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Wei was instantly stunned, his mouth was round, and he looked at Liu Rui in disbelief!

Obviously they don’t quite believe that Liu Rui is a little girl, how could she be the god of war!

Liu Rui also saw that a few people didn’t believe it, so the spirit of the god of war came out a little, and Jiang Wei and the others felt terrifying pressure in an instant!

This time, several people had to believe it, and looked at Liu Rui in shock!

“Mr. Chen, you… what state are you in now?”

Jiang Wei asked Chen Ping.

“Eighth-Rank Martial Saint Realm…” Chen Ping said lightly.

When they heard that Chen Ping had reached the realm of the eighth-rank Martial Saint, the faces of several people were even more shocked.

You must know that when they separated from Penglai Island, Chen Ping was only the Marquis of Great Wu!

Now that he is in the realm of the eighth-rank Martial Saint, if you add time, you can also break through to the Martial God!

However, Chen Ping, the eighth-rank Martial Saint, has no problem even dealing with the fifth-rank Martial God!

“Now that Mr. Chen is here, we are still afraid of what the Tianlei faction will do.”

“A Martial God, an eighth-rank Martial Saint, who else in the martial arts world dares to refuse.”

Zhu Hao said excitedly!

Because when he was on Penglai Island, Zhu Hao was always angry with Chen Ping, so after seeing Chen Ping, the master lowered his head and dared not speak!

Now that Chen Ping is already an eighth-rank Martial Saint, and the woman he brings with him is a Martial God, this kind of strength can be said to have gone sideways!

“Zhu Hao, I remember that you always wanted to follow Mr. Chen’s gestures twice.”

Jiang Wei looked at Zhu Hao and said playfully.

Zhu Hao blushed and said embarrassedly: “That’s my ignorance. Now Mr. Chen’s fart can kill me!”

“Hehehe…” When

Liu Rui heard this, she was amused and laughed. Get up!

“Don’t be careless, the martial arts world is not what you see, there are many masters in the martial arts world, and the martial arts may not be anything.”

“You will follow me up the mountain in a while, don’t act without authorization…”

Chen Ping said Jiang Wei and several others warned!

“Mr. Chen, don’t worry, we will do what you say, nothing else…”

Jiang Wei nodded heavily!

Soon, Chen Ping took Jiang Wei and others towards the Kunlun Mountains!

Seeing this, many other warriors even followed behind. After all, there must be treasures in such a big change in the Kunlun Mountains. In the face of interests, many people will take risks!

Slowly, Chen Ping and the others even followed behind hundreds of warriors, heading towards the Kunlun Mountains together!

At this moment, several Tianlei Sect disciples at the foot of the mountain were chatting while leaning on the big tree!

Seeing that the warriors who had been driven away came back one after another, several Tianlei Sect disciples were instantly furious!

“So bold, don’t you understand what our second young master said?”

“I drove you away, but you dare to come back, do you want to die?”

A Tianlei disciple stepped forward and stopped Chen Ping and the others. , very arrogantly cursed!

For these martial artists, the disciples of the Tianlei School did not pay attention to them at all, they were like ants!

“This Kunlun Mountain doesn’t belong to your family. I don’t want to go up the mountain, right?”

Chen Ping asked lightly.

“No, our Tianlei faction has now sealed this place, and it has become a forbidden area, so you can’t go in!” The

Thunder faction disciple said arrogantly that day.

“What if I have to go in?” Chen Ping asked.

“That’s courting death…” With that

said, the disciples of the Tianlei School actually exuded the aura of a half-step Martial God!

Feeling this breath, Jiang Wei and the others’ faces instantly turned ugly. An ordinary disciple of his family was actually many times stronger than them!

“When did your Tianlei faction become so arrogant, you didn’t take other sects seriously!”

After Liu Rui finished speaking, he stepped forward and kicked the disciples of that day’s Thunder faction away!

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