A Life Debt Repaid Chapter 273

A Life Debt Repaid Chapter 273-Once Cordy was done talking, she simply sat and stared at Kyle silently, even as he crumbled from disbelief.

He was working so hard to restrain himself. Otherwise, he would suffer even more, especially when detained in a place like this.

The past twenty-four hours had been more than enough for a life lesson.

“Take care,” Cordy said, and began to leave.

She had no other words of parting for Kyle, either-he was plenty pathetic now, even if she wanted to call him that.

He faced prison time, and given the public’s outrage towards his actions, his family, which was already going through a crisis, could very well go bankrupt soon.

When that happened, he would truly lose everything and suffer no end of contempt. He would also be the pariah of the Jessops.

Such karmic retribution was plenty enough; Cordy didn’t need to say more.

Just as she rose to her feet, Kyle suddenly asked her, “Have you ever loved me, Cordy?”

She pursed her lips, actually surprised he would ask this on their very last meeting.

He seemed to have asked that before too, but she didn’t answer him then, as his question was fueled by anger at the time.

But now, he seemed earnest about wanting an answer.

“Isn’t that obvious?” Cordy said coolly. “I’m not so nice to work tirelessly day and night for someone I don’t care about.”

Kyle clenched his knuckles till they turned white.


There was no way he had been ignorant of Cordy’s devotion.

However, John’s sudden appearance left him humbled and doubtful towards himself. He also kept coming up with excuses for Cordy’s sudden rise to fame, insisting on believing that she had always fooled around with other men and that she had never loved him. It was his way to cope, to tell himself that he didn’t make a mistake in breaking up with her-that he didn’t regret it.

Yet it was him who let her down, all for Noel.

He hung his head; for a long time, he couldn’t look up.

Then, tears suddenly trickled out of the corner of his eyes.

However, none of that mattered to Cordy.

There were no regrets to be had, and what Kyle would suffer henceforth would have nothing to do with Cordy.

With that, she left, truly getting over him and everything else about him.

There was now a breeziness in her step, as her connection with Kyle had ended there and then.

That was when she suddenly paused, as she just spotted an oncoming Noel.

Noel was surprised to find Cordy visiting Kyle, especially after the lengths he went to hurt Cordy.

But soon, Noel realized that Cordy must’ve come here to laugh at the joke that was Kyle.

And a joke he certainly was!

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