A Life Debt Repaid Chapter 1322

A Life Debt Repaid Chapter 1322-Maybe Quinn just could not stop her tears as soon as she began.

Those were tears of joy, after all-because Sam lived.

“Stop crying, or I’m going to kiss you.” Sam frowned.

He had always been tall, but his facial features were rigid and frightening once he got upset.

However, Quinn suddenly did not feel afraid.

She just could not stop her tears, so she took a deep breath as she attempted to control her emotions-she already knew that she had lost composure.

Then, at that very moment…


Quinn’s heart skipped a beat.

She found herself staring at Sam’s face up close as he suddenly kissed her.

She even forgot that she was crying as she looked at him, feeling the warmth of his lips.

Then, she stopped moving.

Seeing that she calmed down, Sam slowly let her go. “Cry again, and I will bully you-Mmmph.”

It was his turn to be surprised-she was standing on her toes, wrapping her arms around his neck with much difficulty as she pressed her scarlet lips against his.

Sam gulped, his fingers clenching in clear restraint.


He stiffened-he had kissed Quinn just now just to stop her from crying and nothing else.

But now, she was pressing her little tongue into his mouth- tentatively, uncomfortably, but also boldly.

Sam’s mind went blank as the tip of her tongue brushed against his. All he felt was the warmth in his mouth… so soft and breathtaking.

She was such an amateur, completely inexperienced, but he could not help feeling buoyed.

It was so hard to not respond in kind!

He held the back of her head and kissed her fiercely then, and she did not flinch.

In fact, once she felt him responding to her, she gave him everything.

She wished they would last forever, as their lips seemed glued to each other’s while they got ever closer.

However, just before anything else could happen, the doorbell chimed, followed by a voice calling out, “Room service!”

Quinn and Sam both stiffened before slowly pulling away, obviously embarrassed then.

Quinn’s cheeks were red, and she kept her eyes lowered, refraining from meeting Sam’s eyes.

How did she let loose so much just a moment ago?

She had never behaved like that before, as she had always been very reserved.

As for Sam, he took a deep breath to recover before opening the door.

“Sir, your order has arrived.”

“Thank you.”

Sam let the waiter in while he went straight to the bathroom. He needed to douse the flaring desire in him with cold water. Still, he wondered-if there had been no interruption, would he and Quinn had gone all the way?

He could also feel his heart skipping a beat-he could almost still feel the sensation of her touch, leaving him hot and bothered, i

Gritting his teeth, he started splashing himself with cold water!

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