A Cue for Love Chapter 759

A Cue for Love Chapter 759


“Mr. Gale—” Before Thomas could speak any further, Gale ended the call.

His once elegant and civilized appearance became disheveled in just a few days. Wrinkles started to show on his forehead and at the corners of his eyes. Additionally, his black hair had turned grey. Even though he was only in his fifties, he looked like a seventy-year-old man.

His arm drooped weakly, causing the phone to fall to the ground with a loud thud.

The fear in his heart was like a black hole swallowing him whole.

King had determined that Thomas was useless to him. He dealt with Thomas and Dexmed Pharmaceutical as though he was taking out the trash. It wasn’t that he was afraid of doing Thomas in. He was just lazy. The last warning Gale gave Thomas was enough to spook the latter.

Thomas saw those research subjects with his own eyes. Just imagining being treated that inhumanely was enough to make him break down.

“I’m done for…” He sat inside the empty living room. There was no one paying attention to him. He wailed like an abandoned dog. “I still have a bright future ahead of me a few days ago. How can I be done for?”

At the same time, Natalie was tracking down Yara’s location.

“We sent many people to find her, Boss, but she’s nowhere to be found,” Yandel reported. “It’s like she vanished without a trace.”

“So there is indeed someone backing her up.” Natalie furrowed her eyebrows. She wasn’t surprised. “Got it, Yandel. You keep looking.”


After the call ended, she paced back and forth on the floor. She was so focused on analyzing the situation that she forgot she was barefooted.

When Samuel pushed the door open and entered, he saw a slim figure in a white nightgown walking back and forth. The moonlight landed on her face, enveloping her with a layer of silvery light. She looked stunning.

Her eyelashes fluttered lightly as she blinked. Her eyes were like rippling fall water while her two thin lips were lightly pursed together.

She strolled along the floor with her small, bare feet. All ten of her toes were white and tender, like lotus seeds.

His throat tightened as he felt his blood boiling.

He always felt an indescribable possessiveness toward her. It wasn’t just once or twice, but many times. It was as if he was addicted to her, and he would never get sick of her.

Natalie was so caught up in her thoughts that she didn’t realize Samuel was approaching her.

Suddenly, she felt someone hug her waist tightly.

Her legs were swiftly lifted into the air as he carried her in his arms.

“Hmm?” She instinctively hugged his neck.

“You’re back?” she muttered. “Put me down!”

He ignored her and put her on the bed. However, he kept her legs on his lap. “Being disobedient again, hmm? The floor’s cold, you know. What if you get a cold?”

“I…” She retorted, “I’m a doctor. I don’t get colds easily. Even if I did, I can get recover speedily.”

“Still being stubborn?”

“Who’s stubborn here?” Natalie glared at him.

That one look prompted him to kiss her on the lips overbearingly.

“What are you doing, Samuel?”

“You’re not cooperating.” There was a hint of warning in his hoarse voice.

What nonsense is he talking about? She furrowed her eyebrows.

He kissed deeply and forcefully, which caused her to have trouble breathing. After a long while, he let her go and ran his finger across her lips. “Are you still going to say such a heartless thing?”

She blushed as her eyes darted around. “I know you’re doing it for my sake. I won’t say it again next time.”

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