A Cue for Love Chapter 1054

Chapter 1054 What Does Prince Jonathan Want

This information about Natalie was enough to amaze Bastien. Thinking that what Joseph had found so far was just the tip of the iceberg, Bastien had a stronger urge to approach Natalie.

Joseph, who was in charge of the investigation, was also shocked by the information about Natalie that he had found. He used to think that Natalie was not good enough for Bastien. But now it seemed that she was a lot better than many women from those prominent families.

That feeling felt like a slap in his face. Bastien took a glance at Joseph, who was dumbstruck, and said, “You don’t have to follow me anymore.” “Prince Jonathan, but…” Joseph was a little worried.

“Are my words hard to understand?” A hint of determination flashed across Bastien’s gentle eyes. “Handle my whereabouts tonight properly. I don’t want the spies to find out where I am.”

Although Joseph felt such an arrangement was inappropriate, he had no choice but to leave in silence since it was Bastien’s instruction.

People often said that those who fell in love were lunatics. Joseph felt that Bastien was not far away from becoming a lunatic if he continued to be like this.

It was eight o’clock at night when Natalie and Yandel walked out of the office after finishing their work. Bastien had been waiting for Natalie for a long time. His eyes were filled with affection when he saw her.

The banquet would be held in a few days. If he did not find her, he probably would marry Helma as arranged. However, now that he had found her with just a photo, perhaps things would be different.

Some of the decisions that he had made before might have changed due to such a coincidence. Natalie was startled when she saw Bastien. It’s him!

Natalie remembered when she visited Wendy at work last time, she was almost sexually harassed. It was this man who had come to her rescue and sent her to the hospital. He had saved her life, but they never had the chance to meet again after that.

Yandel was even more startled than Natalie when he saw Bastien. Bastien was Prince Jonathan of Loang.

Yandel knew that Natalie had met Bastien before in Chanaea. However, he did not expect that Bastien would find Natalie again after they came to Loang not long ago.

He is a prince and also the most potential contender to become the crown prince. Why is he here to look for Boss? For her beauty? Medical skills? Dream? Or does he want Boss to do something filthy for the royal family?

Yandel looked at Bastien again, and his eyes were full of vigilance. He took a step forward and subconsciously blocked Natalie with his body.

Bastien walked toward Natalie unhurriedly. He took a quick glance at Yandel, but his eyes were fixed on Natalie right after that.

“It’s been a while, Natalie.”

Natalie had no idea how Bastien found her, but thinking of the favor she owed him, she responded politely, “Indeed, Mr. Nine.” Yandel clenched his fists. What? Mr. Nine? He’s Prince Jonathan!

“Boss, you’ve had a busy day today, and you haven’t had your dinner yet. Let’s go eat first, and I’ll take you home later,” said Yandel, as he did not want Natalie and Bastien to interact too much.

Bastien grinned as he said, “What a coincidence! I haven’t had my dinner too. Do you mind if we eat together?”

Yandel frowned. Why is Prince Jonathan so shameless?

“I don’t think that’s appropriate.” Yandel and Bastien looked at each other.

“Since this gentleman seems to dislike me, let’s just forget it, then,” said Bastien lightly.

Natalie shot Yandel a look and felt that he was being a little strange today. It seemed as if he was at odds with Bastien for some unknown reason.

However, she did owe Bastien a favor, and she had always wanted to repay him. She thought maybe she could buy him dinner as repayment for that favor.

“Don’t listen to him. It’s just dinner. Let’s eat together!” Natalie said with a smile.


Looking at the situation before him, Yandel dared not leave so soon.

He sat in the driver’s seat obediently. Natalie sat in the front passenger seat, while Bastien sat in the back passenger seat.

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