A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 151

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 151

After the procedures were completed, an oxygen mask was placed on Arielle’s face. Her burns had also received temporary treatment. “The patient’s severely dehydrated and is suffering from burns of varying degrees. She needs to be sent to the hospital immediately,” said the nurse as she instructed two medical staff to lift Arielle onto the stretcher. All Arielle could think about was how noisy it was. Frowning, she opened her eyes slowly. The first thing that entered her vision was the blue sky and white clouds. She blinked twice, ensuring that she was not dreaming.

I’m out! Arielle quickly glanced at her surroundings, she realized that she was not far away from the building. After casting her gaze around, she did not catch sight of Vinson. Everyone including her had retreated. Arielle immediately sat up. Stopping someone randomly, she asked, “Why is everyone retreating?” The person was stunned for a while before exclaiming happily, “You’re awake? When I carried you out, I thought that you’ve died… Are you the one who rescued the children?” She did not reply. Instead, she jumped out of the stretcher and asked anxiously, “You saved me?

After I left, did my friend come out too? He’s very tall and is wearing a suit…” The man asked in surprise, “There’s still someone in the building? It’s going to collapse after a minute! The building is already leaning to the side…” Arielle’s heartbeat quickened. “Are you saying that he hasn’t come out yet?” Grabbing his collar, she instructed, “Save him now! He went to find a child who got lost. He’s right inside!” As Arielle spoke, tears rolled down her cheeks. When someone in the crew heard that, he exclaimed in surprise, “Mr. Nightshire’s still inside?

Save him! Vinson Nightshire, the CEO of Nightshire Group, is inside! If something bad happens to him, we’re doomed!” At that moment, an employee of Southall Group ran over in tears. She grabbed Arielle’s sleeve and demanded, “They said that you brought the children out. Where’s my son? Why are everyone’s children out except for my son?” Arielle’s arm was already injured. When the woman tugged on her, she felt an excruciating pang of pain. Enduring the pain, she said, “Your son… might still be inside. He got scared by the explosion and ran away from us.

However, my friend’s already looking for him…” The woman did not even finish listening to her sentence before breaking down into tears and shaking Arielle’s shirt violently. “Return my son to me! Return my son to me!” Iris immediately shielded Arielle and yelled, “Ma’am, please be more careful! Ms. Sannie’s injured.” “I don’t care! Her family owns the company. If something bad happens to my son, I’ll not let any of you off the hook!” The woman glared at Arielle viciously. The captain of the firefighters called two members over to bring the woman, who was kicking up a fuss, away.

Shooting a look of pity at Arielle, Iris held her hand and reassured her, “Ms. Sannie, you shouldn’t have saved the children out of kindness. Now that you didn’t manage to rescue all the children, she’s actually blaming you for it. How unreasonable is that!” Iris felt indignant even though Arielle didn’t say anything. “You spent so much effort rescuing the children. Not only did none of them thank you, but someone also scolded you for it!

Is your arm fine?” Arielle shook her head slowly. There was no hint of regret in her beautiful eyes. Averting her gaze from the yelling and struggling woman, she replied expressionlessly, “I didn’t save the children for their parents’ gratitude. Even if I had to choose again, I will still save them.”

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