A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1430

Chapter 1430 He Will Get Jealous

Staring straight into the person’s eyes right before him, he wrinkled his brows in displeasure. Why is she here? “Aaron, let’s visit Ms. Moore together,” Sonia said with her gazes fixed on him.

She had wanted to visit Arielle since learning about the latter’s situation. But she happened to see Aaron making a call with a scowl at the school’s main gate. Vaguely, she overheard him mentioning Arielle’s name. The quick-witted her could instantly surmise what that man was up to, and hence, she decided to hurry over to him and say those words.

The truth was, she could have gone on her own. But recalling Arielle’s tip about seizing one’s own happiness, she thought it was the perfect opportunity to ask Aaron along for the hospital visit. Well, I shall give it a try now. At least I won’t live in regret even if we don’t end up together since I’ve given my all.

Unfortunately, Aaron’s gazes were full of hostility. He did not like anyone to have a good relationship with Arielle—both male and female. But thinking about it further, he figured that it was not a bad idea for Sonia to tag along. If Arielle sees Sonia around, she can’t possibly throw all of us out.

With that thought in mind, he showed his rare gentleness as he muttered, “Let’s go.”

In truth, Sonia had mentally prepared herself for rejections. Hence, when she heard Aaron’s answer, she was initially stumped before she regained her senses and quickly followed behind the man.

At the hospital, Vinson flashed an ambiguous smile at Arielle.

“Why are you looking at me this way?” she said crankily. Didn’t I already reject Aaron from visiting?

Blessed with an excellent memory, Vinson knew the caller’s identity based on his voice alone. And unquestionably, he was irked and upset about that.

Indeed. He was pretty sure no man could tolerate and pretend to be happy to hear the voice of their beloved woman’s suitor.

“He called you Ari,” Vinson uttered as he stared hard at Arielle. His voice had an undetectable tinge of grievance in it.

I knew he’ll get jealous!

Narrowing her eyes, she planted a sloppy kiss on his lips.

She tried to pull a composed look despite her slightly blushing red face. “Are you happy now?” That was exclusive to Vinson, and no one else could get the same treatment.

Needless to say, Arielle’s method worked wonders. Vinson felt so much better at once.

“Nope!” he exclaimed. And in the next second, he raised his hand, pulled Arielle’s head toward him, and kissed her passionately.

“Um… Uh…”

Vinson did not let her go until the intense kiss had gotten her breathless. Looking at her slightly red and swollen lip, he lifted his lips into a satisfied grin.

At the sight of his appearance, Arielle purposely claimed, “At that look of yours, it somehow makes me feel like I’m having an affair.”

Hearing those words, Vinson ran his fingers over his face and turned to Arielle with a somber expression. “So what do you think I should do? Should I throw this face away and use my own face instead?”

In fact, he felt rather uncomfortable even without Arielle mentioning it. After all, he was making out with his wife while using someone else’s appearance. How could he not find it strange?

“Of course not!” Arielle raised her chin slightly and firmly declared her stance.

Does he not care that others might think he’s an illegal migrant with his Chanaean face here?

Vinson chuckled at her reaction. I can’t believe she takes it so seriously when I’m just joking with her.

“I know. I’m just teasing you.” His grin grew wider than before.

Rendered speechless by the man’s reply, disgruntlement flashed in her beautiful eyes as she gawked at him.

Is this that fun to play a prank on me?

Just as she was about to speak, she heard a knock on the ward door. Vinson stood up and walked over to open the door.

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