Life After Prison Chapter 2154

Life After Prison

Life After Prison Chapter 2154-The sky was no longer a sky. It had transformed into the river that connected various disciplines. Scriptures of philosophy were wove together to create a dense web of countless paths of knowledge tha ranged from swordsmanship to alchemy. There were 3,000 paths in total.

As the Enlightenment Stone in Severin’s hand illuminated, his spiri seemed to transcend his physical body and wandered through space The paths echoed in his mind, and Severin gained a sense of clarity as he dispelled the confusion that had lingered.

At that same time, the seventh-grade Breakthrough Pill he had ingested began dissolving into pure medicinal power that coursed through his entire body. His recent breakthrough, coupled with the infusion of vast medicinal power, catalyzed his surge in spiritual energy. He went from initial-stage to mid-stage, late-stage, and finally peakstage in just a brief period.

Immersed in the enlightenment of those paths, Severin paid little attention to the growth of his attainment. He had entered a state of profound comprehension as he absorbed the surrounding energy and molded it into his own existence.

A rapid rise in attainment was not all that he experienced-he had witnessed a profound transformation in his sword knowledge. Having reached great success in the Sky-Soil Heptagold Sword Energy, Severin’s chaotic swordwill was able to command thousands of swords. Within his energy core, the virtual sword energy took on a real form that resembling a lifelike sword enveloped in destructive energy Several unusual phenomena manifested in the external world. As Severin’s enlightenment progressed, the world trembled and echoed +25 BON VVILI TU Phantasmal dragons and phoenixes took to the air, and the many paths of swordsmanship clashed fiercely. The sword that belonge to the sect’s swordsmen trembled imperceptibly, as if heralding the arrival of their ‘king’.

After half a day, Severin’s vision became a blur and the paths begar to fade away.

“Is it over already…” A sense of loss enveloped Severin. The half-day of enlightenment felt like both a fleeting moment, and an eternity. He gazed at the stone that had been reduced to powder. “That was fast.” However, Severin was mildly stunned when he extended his divine senses to scan his energy core. His attainment level had unexpectedly reached peak-stage level one paragon, and it would not be long before he reached level two.

The overwhelming power surging within him made feel as though breaking a mountain and creating rifts in the earth could be achieved with a mere swing of his hand or a stamp of his feet. Divine methods were like child’s play to him.

Taking a deep breath to compose himself, Severin observed the dark- yellow light emitted by a small sword in his energy core and saw the golden sea cradling it gently.

“Did the virtual sword manifest into a solid one?” Severin cocked his eyebrow in surprise. The unity of combat techniques and the solidification of true will were typically available onto to royal paragons.

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