The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 641

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 641-Around an hour later, Frank turned down the Southstream Lanes’ invitation to stay for dinner and headed home with Helen, Cindy, and Gina.

It had certainly been a rewarding trip. Even after Frank rejected further attempts to give him money, the Southstream Lanes managed to find a way to win his favor through Helen.

Gavin swore on his honor that he would invest fully into Lane Holdings and assist the growth of Helen’s business while passing the late Mason’s estate to her in full.

As for Jon, he was ultimately forced to honor his wager by his own brother Roth, albeit with a lighter punishment, as he only had to kiss his dogs’ bottoms.

He was crying but had no choice but to do it, and he sped off to rinse his mouth and brush his teeth once he was done.

Days later, a group sent by the Southstream Lanes came over and brought Henry’s casket home, fulfilling his last wish.

Helen was at once emotional to see Frank going that far for her grandfather, just as she understood profoundly that he was worth giving the rest of her life for.

And this time, neither Gina nor Cindy dared to say a word on their way home.

They were delighted but also embarrassed to see Jade return all the stuff they were packing—that was the case especially for Cindy, since her suitcase was full of Helen’s belongings.

Still, before they reached Lane Manor, Frank spotted a military helicopter on a hastily prepared landing pad, drawing many bystanders who stopped to look.

Frank felt a foreboding sensation when he saw the markings, and as he drove inside Lane Manor, he saw him—an elderly white-haired man in a black suit and a long white shawl around his neck.

Frank instantly recognized him and scowled at his presence.

It was Fenton, his father’s valet.

On the other hand, Helen aligned, glancing nervously at the stern bodyguards flanking Fenton as she asked, “And you are?”

“Haha. You’re Helen Lane, I believe?” The kindly old man smiled and nodded, his presence genial unlike his escort.

“Yes, I am,” Helen replied, humble as she did her best not to appear impolite.

“Oh, he’s definitely someone important. Maybe he’s on the level of the Lionhearts?” Gina spoke subtly to Cindy as she alighted.

“Yeah,” Cindy murmured. “I wonder who he’s waiting for.”

“Me.” Frank’s expression was cool as he strode past Gina.

“What?” Both Gina and Cindy were stunned by Frank’s hostile tone.

As Frank approached Fenton and Helen, Fenton smiled and nodded as he saw Frank. “It’s good to see you again, Master Frank. How long has it been? Five years?”

“Cut the crap. What are you doing here?” Frank snapped impatiently—he would ignore Fenton if he could.

Helen frowned in turn. “Frank, he’s—”

Frank turned away, snorting. “Ignore him. Just go inside.”

Gina and Cindy would certainly not say a word.

It was already a surprise they were still alive, and seeing that Frank was not being friendly to the old man, they promptly pulled their suitcases along as they hurried into Lane Manor.

Helen, however, remained where she was, hesitant.

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