The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 638

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 638-“What?!”

The Southstream Lanes were all left astonished by Roth’s words, and even as they wondered what he really meant, Gavin asked, “What do you mean, Roth…?”

He was actually skeptical and urged his son for more details.

Seeing that his family had trouble understanding, Roth adjusted his glasses as he spoke bluntly this time, “The Four Families of Southstream are now three. All thirty-two members of the Graves family have been butchered—none were left alive.”

The Southstream Lanes were all gasping at Roth’s words.

“Butchered? All of them?!” Gavin exclaimed, before turning stiffly toward Frank and seeing that he remained calm despite the bombshell.

As if he already knew.

Seizing Roth by the collar right then, Gavin cried urgently, “But what about the Lionhearts or Titus?!”

“Calm down, Dad.” Roth adjusted his glasses as he patted his father’s shoulders. “Titus left, announcing to everyone that he no longer has ties to the Graves family and would therefore not meddle with the wedding between Chaz Graves and Helen Lane.”

“What?!” Gavin was left thunderstruck.

Even his family’s expression turned somber at that point.

Roth, however, took Gavin’s shock as confusion, shaking his head as he sighed.

“I’ve had to reach out to multiple sources to uncover the facts, but Frank Lawrence—the man who crashed Helen’s wedding— had forced Titus to back off. Hell, the man conceded to Frank, and every Riverton bigwig witnessed it. He agreed to never challenge Frank again in Riverton. And. A-And he even lost his fiancee.”

It took Roth several attempts to say that last part.

He expected his family to look surprised before celebrating that they had somehow dodged a bullet. However, he only found them turning to stare at a certain young man in fear and disbelief.

Puzzled, Roth quickly asked Frank, “And you are.?”

“Frank Lawrence, at your service.” Frank nodded, smiling faintly as the Lanes watched.

“Pfft.” Helen giggled audibly.

Frank did not disappoint her—he had said that he forced Titus to concede, and he did! And the looks on the faces of the Southstream Lanes were certainly hilarious just then!

“You’re Frank Lawrence?!”

Roth stumbled backward a few times before dropping to his knees before Frank in terror!

“I-I’m Roth Lane of Northstream… You honor me with your presence, sir!” he exclaimed.

“What? Why.” Gavin felt thoroughly embarrassed that his own son would kneel so quickly.

He strode up, ready to scold him for being spineless—even if Frank could send Titus packing, Roth had no business kneeling to Frank!

“Dad! You don’t get it!” Roth snapped in retort.

He was there at Graves Mansion himself and knew better than anyone the horrors Frank was capable of!

The man alone slayed 300 Graves family bodyguards, with barely anything left of them!

Even now, the rivers of blood were flowing freely at Graves Mansion—a sight of utter horror!

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