The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 637

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 637-Helen did not hesitate. “I’m sorry.”

She had now chosen to trust Frank unconditionally and refused to falter no matter how reasonable the Southstream Lanes, Gina, or Cindy were.

At that very moment, only Frank was worth depending upon.

Walking up to Frank’s side, Helen met the confused gaze of the Southstream Lanes with her girlboss poise. “You’re all saying that Roth has left to meet with the Graves and the Lionhearts, and that he’ll be back soon. In that case, we can just wait for him to return, and we’ll see if my husband here has been lying at all.”

“If he was exaggerating at all, I’ll be on my knees in apology without complaint!”

Helen glanced at Frank at that.

Seeing that she was trusting him that much now, he squeezed her hand in assurance. “Don’t worry. I’d never lie to you.”

Helen smiled confidently at him in turn.

“Are you crazy, Helen?!” Gavin exclaimed.

He could not believe someone as smart as Helen would believe Frank’s tall tales.

He might believe it if Frank had strong connections and made Chaz concede, but Frank insisted it was Titus, the heir to the one and only Lionheart Dynasty of Draconia!

At this point, he had to suspect Helen was not right in the mind.

Jade rolled her eyes, convinced that Helen was looking a gift horse in the mouth. “Forget it, Gavin. They’re beyond saving—they only have themselves to blame now.”

On the other hand, Gina was bawling, “Oh, Helen!!! You’re killing me!!! I’m your mother, but you’d still refuse to save me!”

Cindy was despairing too. “That’s right! Helen, you could beg Chaz to spare Frank if you want him to live! Chaz loves you so much—just tell Frank to apologize, and everything will be fine!”

While they were all still getting hysterical over Helen choosing to side with Frank, several cars came bounding down the road.

“It’s Roth! He’s back!” Jon was immediately at attention, even sneering as he walked up to Frank. “Don’t forget our wager now.”

“Don’t worry—I have not.” Frank smiled calmly in return.

Jon actually felt doubt just then.

How was he still so calm at this point? Could Titus really have conceded him?!

Jon cursed his own stupidity just for thinking that—the sun would rise from the west before that happened!

The rest of his family were convinced of the same as the cars drove through the gates.

Soon, Roth Lane—a good-looking man with well-groomed hair and sported glasses—alighted.

As he quietly walked up to his family, Gavin hurried to his eldest son as he exclaimed, “Welcome back, Roth!”

At the same time, he glanced at Frank with the corner of his eye and sighed to himself—Frank was still refusing to leave, his expression even remaining fearless…

Well, he had already given Frank a chance! He could not be blamed for Frank not taking it!

Turning back toward Roth, Gavin looked behind Roth but did not see any cars belonging to the Graves or the Lionhearts.

“Didn’t Titus Lionheart and Chaz Graves come with you?” he quickly asked. “Are we supposed to bring them to Graves Mansion?”

While Gavin was still busy worrying about what the Graves and the Lionhearts thought, Roth’s expression was grim as he sighed lengthily. “Don’t bother. The Graves are all gone now.”

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