The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 636

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 636-Helen kept striding menacingly toward Gina, snapping, “What about Dad? You kept telling me he dumped you and is living like a king here!”

“Well…” Gina sighed exasperatedly, knowing that the cat was out of the bag. “It was an accident. I-I didn’t mean to do harm.”

“Fine, even if you didn’t, what were you trying to do with his estate?!” Helen snarled, gritting her teeth so hard that they could break. “Why were you stopping me from reaching out to Uncle Gavin and the rest of the family but so keen on having us Northstream Lanes being taken back?!”

“I. Uh.”

Gina’s eyes were darting away—she had excuses for anything else but not this question because the persons involved were right there with them!

Having no choice, she started throwing a fit just to change the subject. “Oh, Helen! Don’t you know that you’ve just killed us all? It’s not just us Northstream Lanes, but even the Southstream Lanes too!”

Wheeling on Frank with a venomous glare, she said, “You jinx! You bastard! You had to seduce my daughter, and now you’ve killed us all! I’ll kill you! Oh my god.

can’t you just see that no one loves me? And even when I had a daughter, she kept making life hard for me and ran into a jinx that brought on our collective demise. Oh, Helen. I’m so sorry. Just give me a chance, okay?!”

Helen was shaking with rage even as she watched Gina throw her tantrum all over the floor—what on earth had she done to deserve a mother like that?!

Cindy came up to Helen as well, despite her hands still being bound. “Helen, there’s only one thing to do now. If you want to protect the family and yourself, you just give into Chaz Graves and beg when he arrives, then promise to properly marry him. You can blame everything on Frank—everyone will be fine after that, see?”

The Southstream Lanes’ eyes lit up at Cindy words—why did they not think of that?

Gavin himself hurried to Helen and reasoned, “Look, Helen—your mother’s crimes are unforgivable, but she’s still your mother and we’d rather not hand her over to the Graves family. Why don’t you talk to Chaz when he arrives and follow through with the wedding? No one’s losing anything, and we’ll even give you your father’s estate. How about it?”

“Yeah, Helen! Your uncle’s suggestion makes sense!”

“Just talk to Chaz, and nothing of value will be lost! We’d even earn the favor of the Graves and the Lionhearts—that’s just a fairytale ending!”

Even Jade was speaking up. “Surely you know how to weigh matters according to their importance, Helen. You’re an adult—and a strong, independent woman! I mean, the CEO of Lane Holdings? You have to see what’s obviously right and wrong, let alone hesitate!”

“Exactly. Us Southstream Lanes would be ready to help. You won’t suffer for this.”

And seeing that everyone was trying to change Helen’s mind now, Gina promptly switched gears and stopped throwing her tantrum.

Making a miserable face as she joined in the lobbying crowd, she cried, “Please, Helen. I’m your mother. Could you really bear to watch me get killed?”

Helen could not help turning toward Frank even as she withstood the endless persuasive words thrown at her.

He remained impassive, however, simply standing there and saying nothing.

Naturally, he was letting her decide and seeing if she would believe him or be swayed by her own family and doubt him again.

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