The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 635

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 635-Frank chuckled. “You certainly have an acquired taste, Jon.”

Jon did a double take but soon chuckled coolly.

“So, you’re taking the wager? Great!” Jon exclaimed, clapping his hands. “My family will be my witness— if Frank here did not force Titus Lionheart to concede, he shall be eating my hounds’ poo!”

“Hahaha! Quit trying to act tough, Frank!” Luna scoffed. “Jon is famous for being a man of sheer will… Though I’d like to see you eat poop too!”

“Frank, you really should be more grounded.” Gavin was left speechless by Frank’s boast as well.

Frank and Helen could hardly protect themselves now, but they still came to save Gina?

No, forget that—Frank would actually spout such absurd lies? Did he take them for fools, that they would buy his tall tales?

Gavin actually started to hold Frank in contempt at that—he felt like Frank was insulting his intelligence, and the boy really did not know his place!

Sneering at Frank, Jon then spoke up again. “Did you think you could say anything you want because we won’t have proof? Don’t worry—my brother Roth has already brought his men to pay the Graves and the Lionhearts a visit. They should be arriving by now.”

Then, turning to Gavin, Jon suggested, “Just bring Gina out here, Dad. They’d all be leaving soon anyway—why stop them?”

His words left Gavin exasperated.

Gavin had the family’s bodyguards create a gap, and Frank would definitely be able to escape with Helen.

But he refused to do it, even after all of Jon’s gloating and posturing.

Even Gavin had to be angry at that point, while cursing Frank for being a fool.

It was almost as if Jade and Luna could not be blamed for being prejudiced against the boy!

If anything, Frank’s conceit, impudence, and stupidity was as Jade and Luna claimed.

Nonetheless, the Southstream Lanes’ soon brought Gina and Cindy, both of whom were tied up.

“Helen!” Gina promptly ran toward Helen, begging, “Please, Helen—tell your uncle to let us go! I apologize for everything I did, Helen!”

Helen was still overwhelmed by the pain of her father’s death and was immediately incensed by her mother’s antics.

Why did you and Cindy buy plane tickets?!” she demanded.

Gina felt a pang of guilt but quickly played dumb. “What? Plane tickets? I don’t know anything about that…”

“Yeah, Helen. What plane tickets?” Cindy quickly joined in.

Even the Southstream Lanes were glaring in contempt at their shameless behavior.

“You’re still pretending even now, Mom?!” Helen snapped.

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