The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 634

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 634-Gavin then finished, “But you never reached out to us, and Gina kept us from reaching out to you directly. That’s why things ended up the way they are now.”

It was only then that Helen understood why Gina constantly forbade her from visiting Mason here in the Southstream Lanes’ mansion.

He was already dead, and Gina wanted everything he had for her own!

Even her constant schemes for the Northstream Lanes to be taken back into the main family was for that purpose alone!

She suddenly felt light-headed and would have collapsed on the ground if Frank did not catch her.

Seeing that Helen was crumbling under pressure, he asked, “Where’s Gina now?”

“Frank Lawrence, was it?” Gavin was clearly unsentimental, shaking his head at Frank as he ignored his question. “I don’t know how you managed to get away from the Graves and the Lionhearts, but I can’t let you leave now that you’re here.”

Still, with just a look, he had his family’s bodyguards clear a subtle gap among their ranks.

Frank could see it, and he understood Gavin’s intention.

Despite Gavin’s claims that he would detain Frank, he was actually letting him go.

His impression of the man improved greatly, but he said, “Don’t worry. Titus Lionheart has already conceded to me and promised to stay away from Helen and I. We only came to take Gina away.”

Frank’s words, however, left the crowd silent.

“Hahahaha!!!” Jon Lane was the one who first burst out laughing. “I’ve just met you, but you really know how to tell tall tales!”

“Haha! Titus Lionheart conceding to him?! Who does he think he’s kidding?!”

Jade was laughing too. “He really can’t do anything other than lie. He’d even claimed that he was the one who treated Luna’s illness!”

After all, Titus was the heir to one of Morhen’s Four Families, and his family had Volsung Sect’s backing.

He could just sneeze, and all of Riverton would shake!

Even if they could admit that Frank was good enough or lucky enough to escape a man like Titus, this insignificant brat was saying that Titus conceded to him?!

It was hilarious and almost no different from claiming that Mike Tyson had lost to a baby in the ring!

“It seems you’re doubting me?” Frank sighed.

Jade shrieked at him right then, “If Titus Lionheart really conceded to you, I’d actually kowtow to you!

“No, that’s not enough.” Jon chuckled, clapping Frank on the shoulder. “If it’s true, I’ll eat my dogs’ poo on the spot! That said, you’d be the one doing the eating if that never happened. Do you have the balls to take this wager?”

Frank looked past Jon’s confident grin and smiled in turn when he saw the bulky black hunting hounds that a servant was walking.

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